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 Once or twice a year, I get to write a column for the newsletter. I thought I’d update members on the progress of our Three Year Strategic Action Plan, adopted by the Board in June of 1998. During a day-long brainstorming session attendees discussed the Chamber’s mission, it’s strengths and weaknesses, and programs which would be appropriate for the Chamber to persue. At the end of the day, the results were prioritized according to importance. A strategic Action Committee, appointed in July of ’98 has been meeting once a month or two since then. Its job is to facilitate the accomplishment of the goals set eighteen months ago.
Here’s how we are doing.
Develop Regional Marketing Strategy

Two years ago, WVRCC led the way in forming an alliance among the five Central New Hampshire chambers – Squam Lakes, Newfound, Baker Valley, Plymouth and Waterville Valley Region. We then published Vistas, a regional tourist magazine distributed throughout New England. This year, we changed the name to the NH Central Visitor’s Guide, which better says where we are and what we do. A data base of regional activities and events is being created. A new website – NHCentral.com – is underway, which will feature the new data base and be linked to the websites of the five chambers. The website and our 800 number will be advertised in major print media, including the Boston Globe and Yankee Magazine.

Improve Public Relations
We have continued to produce our primary communication tool – this newsletter. Periodically we distribute it to all businesses in our region. We produce media releases, broadcast faxes and emails to our membership, network with other groups. And, we have improved our directory -the Waterville Valley Region Guide Book.

Expand/Refine Membership Privilege Program
We have continued all existing benefits and added more. A few are: the Chamber Club Card, Retail Showcases at the Info Center, Website Links, Regional Locator Map, Seminars and Workshops, expanded membership directory, etc. We have also developed a new referral tracking system for all businesses. Look for a report real soon.
Develop Chamber Website
If you haven’t looked at our site lately, you should! Janice Shaughnessy has done a wonderful job, including winning Website of the Month last summer. We are continually updating links and search engines. Coming Soon: Regional calendar of events and activity list.
Develop Major Area Event
We participated in the past two Pemi Valley Bluegrass Festivals. We are still looking for that perfect annual event, possibly a cooperative event with other chambers.
Coordination of Area Chambers

I think we have done an outstanding job at this. It is difficult to get the members of one group headed in the same direction, say nothing about five! Anyone who is interested in being a part of this regional effort should contact Chris.

Expand Legislative Awareness
We struggled with this one, since we don’t have the staff to track legislation. Our solution: the Chamber joined the NH Business and Industry Association, which provides timely legislative information and alerts (see back page), which we in turn can pass along to members.